Starbucks' new rewards program to roll out today, despite customer resistance

Starbucks Rewards Program Is Changing
Starbucks Rewards Program Is Changing

The long-anticipated day that so many Starbucks frequenters have been awaiting is finally here.

On April 12, 2016 Starbucks rolls out its new rewards program, which has been under a lot of fire after its announcement based on the fact that only those who spend more money at the coffee chain will seem to benefit from the new system.

Many customers took to Twitter to show just how unhappy they were:

In the original program called My Starbucks Rewards (which will now just be called "Starbucks Rewards"), customers would receive one star on their mobile app per purchase, regardless of whether or not it was a coffee drink or bottle of water.

12 stars earned meant hitting the "lucky dozen," a reward that a customer could redeem for a free beverage of their choice.

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With the new program, stars are based on price—for every $2, the customer will receive one star.

It will now take 125 stars to receive a free reward and 300 stars to achieve Gold member status.

The change has upset many, as it will now become much more difficult to maintain (or achieve) Gold status and free drink rewards.

In an attempt to appease loyal customers who are less than thrilled about the new changes, Starbucks will multiply existing stars on members' accounts by 11.

Starbucks claims that the changes were inspired by customer requests, though based on the general public reaction, there seems to be a bit of miscommunication.

Take a look at different Starbucks cups throughout the years:

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