Social media is changing the world, and so is influencer Frankie Grande


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Frankie Grande is the top-notch social media star who boasts 1.12 million followers on Twitter, 1.5 million on Instagram, and over 128 million loops on Vine. And if you didn't recognize him from his positively viral content (which, after reading this, hopefully you'll realize that you should), you might remember his iconic hairdo, which is as big, bright and fantastic as him!

In addition to his undeniable social media presence, Grande is also a television personality, a producer, and a theater actor. Is there anything this guy can't do? Oh, and we forgot to mention that he was a presenter at yesterday's 8th annual Shorty Awards, which took place in Manhattan, where his vivacious personality shone among some of his fellow viral social media influencers.

Grande's attention isn't just focused on entertainment, either; after his 'larger-than-life personality' helped garner nearly 6 million viewers per episode to his season of 'Big Brother', the influencer promised to donate all of his winnings to an organization called buildOn, which would build schools in the most economically deprived areas around the world.

At the shorty awards, we had the privilege of learning that the 'Style Code Live' host's charisma is not just reserved for on-screen. Upon chatting with him on the Shorty Awards' teal carpet, we learned all about his feelings about the ceremony, how social media is changing the world, and got the exclusive details on his upcoming projects!

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How are you feeling about attending the Shorty Awards?

I'm really excited to be here! I love social media; it's definitely something that is changing the world. I love that that is the position the Shorty Awards is taking. Now that we have a global, interactive community, we are actually taking active roles in changing people's perceptions of what humanity is and how people interact. That's why I love it so much.

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What do you think has been a really good example of social media changing the world?

Caitlyn Jenner is a great example. For instance, how she blew up on social media platforms, and she has really truly affected people that may have never heard her story. Even on my channels, there are a lot of gay boys out there who are struggling with their sexuality and who need a role model that is very confident and understands that it's cool and awesome for them to be gay and come out of the closet.

That's a lot of the reason why I'm really proud to be here tonight, and why I'm really proud to be changing the social world and helping people become more comfortable with themselves.

We heard you have a new Amazon show, can you fill us in on what it's all about?

Style Code Live! Style Code Live is a show that we now air live on, where we do fashion, beauty and pop culture segments to help millennials dress for the office, learn beauty tips, want to learn what's big in fashion, and what the big things in pop culture are. We basically walk them through it all.

There are some fashion tutorials, and some stuff you can buy. Mostly, it's just a lot of fun! It's entertaining -- obviously, if I'm involved, there's entertainment involved! That's why I love the show. We get to interact with the people directly, so that's awesome.

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