Shopper claims they discovered this horrendous bug in supermarket spinach

A Supermarket Surprises Shoppers with Cash Register Orchestra
A Supermarket Surprises Shoppers with Cash Register Orchestra

LONDON — You know things are bad when you can't even identify the bug you find in your food.

A disgruntled shopper recently tweeted the following photo at UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's, claiming they found the nightmarish insect pictured in a bag of spinach purchased from a store in Manchester Piccadilly train station.

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We don't know exactly what that thing is, but it looks like some sort of roach. Either way, going by the 20p piece sitting next to it the thing isn't small. And its damn antennae are almost as long as its body.

But did it actually come from the spinach? Well, really, there's no way of telling for sure. On the one hand the image could quite easily have been staged (all you'd need is a dead bug and an empty spinach packet, after all), but on the other hand it does seem like quite an unpleasant process to go through just on the off-chance of getting some free stuff.

Sainsbury's certainly weren't taking any chances.

Let's just hope and pray we never, ever find something similar in our food.


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