Sara Hopkins dishes her ultimate career advice

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Breaking into any industry is hard. It's even more difficult if the market you're entering into can feel a bit saturated. Case in point: there are social media stars of all kind from Vine pranksters to beauty vloggers. It can be tough for anyone hoping to make it big in the social space, especially if they're not sure what their niche is. But anyone who is finding themselves in that predicament can rest assured.

If anyone understands this dilemma, it's Sara Hopkins. The Vine creator may have reached social stardom -- her videos have amassed almost 700 million loops -- but she started from scratch. And since climbing up the Vine ladder, she's learned a few key things along the way.

So for anyone hoping to follow in Hopkins's footsteps, she has one incredible piece of career advice for you.

We recently caught up with the viral creator at this year's annual Shorty Awards which honors the best content creators and producers across social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Vine. Ahead, we picked Hopkins's brain for her ultimate career words of wisdom, Vine's collaborative community, and more!

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Who are you most excited to see tonight?
I definitely want a snap with DJ Khaled. I feel like that will be a standard response, but it's so true. I'm really excited to see my old friends who live in different parts of the country that I've worked with and new people that I'm going to meet in person and hopefully have a chance to work with them in the future.

You guys really do have a such a great collaborative community.
It's like a high school almost!

What advice do you have for someone hoping to make in the social space on their own?
A lot of my videos come from boredom so if you have a lot of spare time that's what you need. But in actuality, you need to be authentic and to be yourself. Don't try to be someone else or make videos in a style that you've seen is successful to someone else. Just do your own thing and be true to yourself. And be spontaneous!

What is your favorite emoji?
I like the dancing emoji! I feel like I use her to be sassy all the time.


This feature is a part of #KanvasLive, an interactive, cross-platform content series brought to life on the Kanvas app and See more on coverage here.

See the video below for more about the shorty awards:

The Shorty Awards Honor Social Media Finalists
The Shorty Awards Honor Social Media Finalists

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