Planned Parenthood shooter tried to blow up clinic, called Obama the 'antichrist'

Colorado Shooter Tried, Failed to Blow Up Planned Parenthood Clinic
Colorado Shooter Tried, Failed to Blow Up Planned Parenthood Clinic

Robert Lewis Dear, who stands accused of killing three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last November, was reportedly hoping to cause more damage. According to newly released court documents, Dear, who called himself a "warrior for the babies" during his last hearing, also brought multiple propane tanks to the clinic and shot at them, hoping they would explode. (They didn't, and a bomb squad removed them after Dear's arrest.)

He also told police he admired Paul Hill, who murdered an abortion provider in 1994; quoted Bible verses to officers; and described President Obama as "the antichrist," according to Buzzfeed. According to the affidavit, Dear's "dream was that when he died and went to heaven he would be met by all the aborted fetuses at the gates of heaven and they would thank him for what he did because his actions saved lives of other unborn fetuses."

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The affidavit goes on to say that Dear targeted Planned Parenthood for "performing abortions and the selling of baby parts" — the first of which it does, but the second of which is a myth propagated by a series of undercover videos recorded by right-wing activists. He armed himself for the attack with a homemade ballistic vest of silver coins and duct tape.

Dear had previously said he wanted to fire his court-appointed lawyers and represent himself, but a mental evaluation reportedly deemed him incompetent to do so.

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