New website to target illegal activity on Airbnb after rental horror story

Man Turns Airbnb Nightmare Into a Business Opportunity
Man Turns Airbnb Nightmare Into a Business Opportunity

Two years ago, Ari Teman rented his apartment in New York's Chelsea neighborhood to what he believed was a couple through Airbnb.

However, he soon found that this was not at all the case.

Teman had found out through an advertisement on Twitter that his apartment was not in fact being rented to a couple looking for a weekend getaway, but was being used as a place to hold a sex party with multiple strangers.

"Yikes" is quite the understatement, and Teman came home to a completely trashed apartment.

As if it couldn't get any worse than feeling completely violated and deceived, Teman was then evicted from his own apartment as a result of the incident and was placed on a housing court blacklist.

But with what seemed like no other option, he decided he could use this as a business opportunity:

"Either you're just gonna wallow and suffer, or you're gonna say 'Well, what can we do to turn this into a positive?'"

Teman founded Sublet Spy, a website that helps landlords figure out if their tenants are illegally subletting their apartments.

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The site launched on April 5, 2016.

A team of top-notch coders and engineers work the backend, while subscribers submit a list of addresses they want monitored.

The program will then analyze the addresses based on posts on popular rental sites, like Airbnb and Craigslist.

Teman's mission is simple:

"If you list on Airbnb, we will find you, tell your landlord, and you may get evicted or end up on a tenant black list."

The program is not only meant for landlords, but for tenants who feel as though there might be illegal sublets renting in their buildings.

Tenants and landlords alike can subscribe to the service for $10 a month.

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