Men brawl at NY Trump rally as candidate complains of 'crooked' nominating process

Trump fan colorfully sounds off on candidate
Trump fan colorfully sounds off on candidate

ALBANY, N.Y. — The intensity of Donald Trump's rallies was vividly captured Monday when a Trump supporter was recorded on video shoving another man in the face twice during a raucous gathering in Albany, New York.

The man — who gave his name as "Mike" and said "hell, yeah," he's a Trump supporter — told NBC News he shoved the man because he was "yelling in my face."

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Video of the incident captured by several people shows the two men shouting at each other in the middle of a loud crowd. "Mike" lunges and shoves his right palm into the other man's face, backs up, lunges and makes contact a second time before other people in the crowd wrestle the two men away from each other.

One of those on the scene was a camera operator for The Albany Times-Union,which posted high-definition video of the encounter.

"Hey, I'll snatch anybody up if they yell in my face over anything," "Mike" said afterward. "I have my personal rights and my personal space. They're gonna start yelling about some [expletive], I'll snatch your [expletive] up. That's all."

The man who was attacked was not immediately identified. It was unclear if any charges would be filed, and police on scene told NBC News that no arrests were made.

Trump has been accused of inciting his crowds, and earlier this month, three people who claim they were attacked or subjected to racial slurs in Kentuckysued Trump and his campaign.

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And Trump's speech in Albany's Times Union Center on Monday night was geared to stir up the loud, enthusiastic crowd, with the front-runner continuing on his tirade against the "crooked" GOP nominating process — with focus on his loss in Colorado on Saturday.

"Because we thought we were having an election, and a number of months ago they decided to do it by you know what, right? Right? They said we'll do it by delegate. They said we're going to do it by delegate. Oh. Isn't that nice."

Trump continued: "And the delegates were all there all waiting and the head guy, in fact one of them tweeting out today or said today by mistake and then they withdrew it something to the effect 'see never Trump look what we did never Trump.' Because if I go to the voters of Colorado, we win Colorado. So it's a crooked, crooked system."

In fact, Colorado's decision was not decided "a number of months ago" as Trump said, but was voted on by the Colorado GOP in August. The debate was sparked after Ron Paul supporters finagled a sizable chunk of the delegates in 2012 despite coming in far behind Romney and Santorum in the state's caucuses that year, and after the RNC changed its rules to eliminate nonbinding straw polls.

Trump later circled back to his criticism of the process by citing Louisiana, where he says he got less delegates "than this guy that got his a** kicked" — otherwise known as Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump also took the time to remind the Albany audience of Cruz's comments about "New York values," telling them that the Texas senator made the comments with "disdain" and "hatred."

"We have the greatest values," Trump soothed. "Nobody has values like us."