Man mails extra tip and note to waitress after underpaying her

Man Mails Extra Tip And Note To Waitress After Underpaying Her

It's easy to make a mistake while calculating gratuity and a man who 'miscalculated' a tip for his waitress went out of the way to make it right, reports Mashable.

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He wrote the Boston woman a letter of apology and sent the cash he'd shorted her.

The correspondence was posted to Reddit by a friend of the server involved, and reads, in part, "I was in for dinner last Friday night with my wife, sister, and brother-in-law...For some reason – perhaps rushing out to get to the show, I miscalculated your tip and ended up short changing you."

The man concludes, "Hopefully the $15.00 enclosed makes things right – I just hope it finds its' way to you!"

It did, and, according to the friend, the recipient was absolutely blown away by the thoughtful gesture, notes Mashable.

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