Lady Gaga's latest business venture just went bankrupt

Lady Gaga Launches Social Networking Site Little Monsters
Lady Gaga Launches Social Networking Site Little Monsters

Looks like Lady Gaga got caught in a 'Bad Romance' with the startup business.

What started as a promising venture to help connect her fans, which she so adoringly calls her "Little Monsters," looks like it has flopped for good.

Five years ago, Gaga began funding Backplane, a social network builder that was meant to foster specific niche-based online communities.

Here's a look at some of Gaga's looks throughout the years:

The company's first venture was her own online community,

Backplane originally raised $12.1M from several venture capitalists, including Google Ventures and $1M of Gaga's own money.

The startup had a promising $40M valuation, but after a whopping $19M in funding over the course of the past five years, it looks like a solid hit and a miss for Backplane.

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Backplane has now defaulted on its loans, its shares and assets acquired by investors with a plan to reboot the company from the ground up.

But Gaga's not singing any sad tunes just yet—her Born This Way Foundation is still thriving, most recently partnering with Vox Media and Intel on an anti-internet harassment objective called "Hack Harassment".

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