Hockey fans went crazy when they thought the NHL was banning GIFs

Pavel Datsyuk to Leave Red Wings at Season's End
Pavel Datsyuk to Leave Red Wings at Season's End

Internet-savvy NHL fans briefly saw their lives flash before their eyes Tuesday morning when a report emerged that the league was banning fans from creating and posting GIFs on social media. Mark Scheig of The Hockey Writers tweeted the news, which was disappointing given the timing -- the postseason begins Wednesday.

The report was at least somewhat expected, with the NHL handing over its digital operations to Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which implemented restrictions on fans creating their own MLB GIFs. But good news for hockey fans: According to the NHL, the report is false.

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"I don't know where this came from, so I'll tell you on the record: It's not true. There's been no change to our policy. We have not shut down GIFs," said Gary Meagher, executive VP of communications for the NHL, via Puck Daddy.

But in the immediate aftermath of the report -- as you'd expect -- fans went nuts. And reacted in hilarious fashion.

Here are some of the best reactions we found.

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