Concussions to blame for horrific double murder-suicide?

Are Concussions to Blame for Horrific Murder-Suicide?

PLANO (KDAF) -- Family and friends are trying to come to terms with the death of local TV personality Stacy Fawcett and her 17-year-old son, Josiah. Police say Stacy's oldest son, 19-year-old McCann Utu, stabbed them to death Friday inside their Plano apartment.

He then turned the knife on himself and later died at the hospital.

Family members believe the Plano West High grad was never the same after a head injury on the basketball court.

"With the concussion, it's been hard for him, we've been trying to seek some treatment," said Fawcett's mother, Lynn Kroft.

Social reactions to Fawcett's shocking death:

Texas reporter Stacy Fawcett and Josiah Utu stabbed to death by eldest son
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Concussions to blame for horrific double murder-suicide?
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thank you for being one of my best friends. you were such a kind soul and I'm blessed to have known you. #ripjosiah
I'm gonna miss him so much 😓 #RIPJosiah
Josiah always had a smile on his face and now we all should too now that he rests peacefully in heaven #RIPJosiah
If each friend of Josiah held one candle each, the flames would be enough to light up the whole world. 🔥🌎 #RIPJosiah
We love you Josiah. We will never forget you❤️ #RIPjosiah
All for you Josiah. #RIPJosiah
Plano West truly does come close like a family. Gone but never forgotten. #ripjosiah 👼🏽🙏🏾❤️
I will love you forever bro. Your impact on my life is so great you don't even know. Smiley forever #RIPJosiah
thanks for showing us true kindness & being the best hoco date ever. my heart will break for u everyday #RIPJosiah
it's no wonder there was such a beautiful sunrise this morning.. heaven gained an angel today #RIPJosiah
It was a pleasure brother #RIPJosiah 😞
Plano West Campus where hundreds of students gather to mourn Utu brothers and mother Stacy Fawcett @wfaachannel8
Thank you @WesHouxWX for remembering News 8 Daybreak Foodie Stacy Fawcett! This was beautiful and touching moment.
Remembering @StacyFawcett on @wfaachannel8 this morning. #RestInPeace beautiful Lady.
For those who know & love @StacyFawcett there is a @gofundme for services any overage goes to @ntfb 🙏🏻
Grief after @StacyFawcett & 17yo son Josiah Utu killed by 19yo son McCann Utu in Plano. McCann dead also @KRLD 11AM
I am heartbroken. Our Saturday mornings won't be the same without you, neither will so many lives. @StacyFawcett
My heart breaks at the murder of .@StacyFawcett. Always cheerful, positive, and passionate about sharing good food. She will be missed.

Dr. Brandon Brock with the Cerebrum Health Centers says multiple concussions and conditions, like CTE, can dramatically change your personality.

"We know that their is a certain age right around 6, 7, or 8, if you have a concussion, it can really affect your stages of development," Dr. Brock told NewsFix. "And then, as you're going through puberty, if you're having multiple concussions, it can alter your mind."

CTE is a degenerative disease that effects the brain and is caused by multiple head injures. McCann's family says he had two concussions that they know about -- both within the past three years.

Whether or not McCann had CTE has yet to be determined, but whatever the results show, Fawcett's family are forced to deal with this horrific issue head-on.

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