Behold the wedding dress you can eat after wearing it down the aisle

The World's Longest Wedding Dress
The World's Longest Wedding Dress

This intricate, custom-made wedding dress has over 1,500 ruffles, beads and lace details. But don't run to Kleinfeld's just yet — because you can't actually wear it.

Why? The dress is made entirely out of cake.

Behold the Wedding Dress You Can Eat After Wearing It Down the Aisle

Award-winning cake sculptor Sylvia Elba, who enlisted the help of Yvette Marner of Fun n Funky Cakes and Illinka Rnic, was asked to create a dessert made out of wafer paper for Cake International, a U.K. cake decorating and baking show. Boy, did she deliver.

The dress, which is made out of fondant, cake lace and wafer paper, comes complete with a sweetheart neckline, flower detailing, lace straps and a fitted bodice.

Like good ol' Rome, the cake wasn't built in a day. The crafting reportedly took a total of 300 hours to complete. That's especially long considering we've seen Cake Boss' Buddy decorate a cake in mere minutes.

Behold the Wedding Dress You Can Eat After Wearing It Down the Aisle

So why did it take so long, you ask? The cake weighs about a whopping 150 lbs (about the weight of a Great Dane) and stands at about 5'5" tall.

This cake is a positive, and somewhat ironic, contrast to all of the obsession (like this and this) that surrounds wedding dress weight loss. We'll happily divert the conversation away from dieting and working out to admire this gorgeous piece of edible art.

And since we can't wear it, all we want to know is: Does it at least taste good?

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