A police officer gave a homeless man Roy Hibbert's old sneakers


Wearing a size 17, Los Angeles Lakers center Roy Hibbert has probably never had much use for his old sneakers. But this week, the gigantic Nikes were able to change a man's life, according to the Indianapolis Star.

In Indianapolis, a seven-foot tall homeless man often roams around I-465, and wears a size 17 as well. After being spotted earlier this week in terribly worn shoes, a police officer took notice. The officer placed a few calls in an attempt to find ones big enough to fit the unnamed homeless man, but to no avail.

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"Finding big shoes, comfortable shoes, athletic shoes that can be worn every day for these men, it's tough," said Scott Tarter, co-founder of the Dropping Dimes Foundation.

After some thinking, the officer put in a call to the Indiana Pacers community relations team to see if any NBA players could help out. After some investigation, the team found a few pairs of Hibbert's old sneakers left behind from his Indy tenure.

The officer, who wishes to remain unnamed, got his hands on one of Hibbert's old kicks. They now belong to the homeless man.

"I can tell you there wasn't a dry eye in the place," said Lawrence Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff.

The department offered more details on its Facebook page.

- By John Dorn

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