3 tips to master the effortless look

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Hi friends! I'm currently sitting in London's Gatwick Airport waiting for my gate information to pop up for my flight to .... [see Snapchat; I'm probably already there by the time y'all read this! Same username as my IG] .... I'm so excited to get there! I stopped in London before heading to my next place because the flight options were limited and I knew I didn't want to deal with extreme jet lag at the airport. Thankfully, I know someone in London that I could stay with. We walked around, stopped in the oldest bar in London, then went to a yummy dinner at Brasserie Zédel's, which is SO beautiful. It's French-inspired cuisine and y'all would die if you saw the inside ... it's pink, white and gold with huge marble pillars throughout the dining hall. I'll be posting a photo on Instagram later so stay tuned for that.

So, effortless looks are my favorite. Those outfits that just organically come together and they have a no-fuss attitude about them make getting dressed super easy, and I seriously wish I could put them together every day. [Yes, even us bloggers are sometimes stumped on what to wear.] If there was an effortless look that I've put together recently, it is certainly this one. You may remember it from Instagram a couple Friday's ago. Almost 11,000 of you 'liked' this photo on Instagram. It may seem silly but I always try and figure out why y'all like some outfits more than others. The only thing I could come up with in regard to this one [and others that y'all have shown that kind of engagement with] is it's a look y'all can see yourselves in. It's easy to achieve and the price of the tank is just ... on point.

Since y'all love these effortless looks, I thought I'd share three simple tips to achieving them yourself! No one needs to know they took a little work:

EMBRACE THE BASICS – Over the last year or two, the word 'basic' has become a term that girls use to cut each other down with. To some, to be described as basic would be an insult. Over time, the basic girls of America have shed their last tear and decided to fully embrace their basic-ness in all it's glory. Most basics completely own up to their classic style and have come to realize that they're not alone. Some may not like it but, who cares?. Personally, I love creatively styled women who think outside the box and put together something just as funky as it is chic. However, those looks do not scream 'effortless'. They scream 'unachievable'. No offense. But not everyone has the talent of thinking that way and, thus, dressing that way. When I go to Target or out to grab dinner with an old friend, I want something easy. Something effortless. And that's when it's time to the basics in my closet. They're easy to mix and match and can easily be dressed up or down.

DON'T RESIST CASUAL TWISTS – Even when you get dressed up for work, there's a way for it to look effortless and not so ... starchy and stiff. Instead of ironing your clothes, steam them and opt for pieces that are made of breathable fabrics that move as you move. It definitely gives you an effortless edge. An example of what I'm talking about would be ... a lightly steamed chambray button-up with a fitted pencil skirt and heels or nice flats. In the look above, I feel like most would typically opt for flats, instead of sneakers, to wear with white jeans but that was my way of creating an outfit that looked put-together but still had an effortless flare.

OWN THE LOOK YOU'VE CREATED – Confidence is everything. I believe you can challenge people's idea of what they like, in terms of style, just by shamelessly owning the look you've put together. I'm not saying act proud or haughty but, moreso, sure of yourself! It'll inspire others to embrace their own ability to create a look that seems effortless. I hope that's what I do for you all!

Alright, ladies ... I'm off to scarf down a ham and cheese sandwich and take a nap before exploring this beautiful city I'm in! Let me know what kind of travel content y'all want to see on the blog and / or on Instagram and Snapchat! Tomorrow I'm sharing what to pack on an overnight, international flight so be sure to check that out if you have a trip coming up and, later this week, I'll have that bag review I told you I was going to do! Thanks for stopping by today! Really means a lot! xo.

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