Woman admits to using heroin, meth and marijuana while breastfeeding

Woman admits to breastfeeding baby while on drugs
Woman admits to breastfeeding baby while on drugs

Two women were arrested after police found drugs inside their hotel room. Police also found an 11-day-old baby with the women, Fox 59 reports.

An anonymous tip brought police to a Fairfiled Inn in Indiana where employees said they were concerned for the infant's well being.

Once led to the women's hotel room, police found crystal meth. They also found prescription pills and marijuana inside one of the woman's purse.

Although police do not believe the women were selling the drugs, they were using them in the presence of the 11-day-old baby.

"That's a huge concern, just for the welfare. The mother had an 11-day-old baby infant and she was actually breastfeeding also. It's just deplorable that she would actually do that," Muncie Police Sgt. Scott O'Dell said to Fox 59.

The mother of the child, 25-year-old Christina Muncey, admitted to using multiple narcotics while pregnant. She also said she used heroin, meth and marijuana while breastfeeding.

"If they're shooting up heroin or methamphetamine, which she admitted to using all types of drugs, then you're going to pass out. The child's going to be there by themselves. It's going to be neglected. This child was neglected," said Sgt. O'Dell.

Police believe the anonymous tip saved the child's life.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, mothers should use extreme caution while taking morphine or codeine drugs and breastfeeding because their babies could overdose.

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