Why 90 percent of American workers are so stressed out

90% of Americans Stress Over Money
90% of Americans Stress Over Money

Feeling stressed? Join the club. American workers are super stressed out these days, and it appears we're all worried about the same thing: money.

According to a new survey of working Americans conducted by Workplace Options, a workplace wellness consulting company, roughly 9 in 10 American workers are stressed out about their personal finances and many say the issue distracts them at work and affects job performance. More than half of workers reported that their stress level was moderate or significant.

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Stress can take an emotional and physical toll on our health. Irritability, anxiousness and exhaustion are common symptoms of stress. (Check out "Financial Stress may Be Costing You Your Health.")

Although financial stress is nothing new for most Americans, it seems that a growing number of workers are anxious about their finances. Roughly 70 percent of workers reported that they've spent time on the clock at work dealing with money issues. That's a significant increase — about 10 percent — compared to last year.

"Although they spend less time at work, part-time employees said they're more likely to use their time on the clock to handle their finances," Money reports. "Perhaps unsurprisingly, they also think about and stress over money matters more often."

About half of the workers surveyed said personal finance issues have been bad enough that they've had to take time off work to deal with them.

Check out "Why You Stress Over Money and How to Stop."

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