Trent Harmon reveals what he whispered to La'Porsha right before he won 'American Idol'

Trent Harmon LIVE on AOL BUILD
Trent Harmon LIVE on AOL BUILD

By: Gibson Johns

In the final moments before "American Idol" officially came to an end -- "for now" -- last Thursday, the fifteenth "Idol" champ, Trent Harmon, whispered something sweet into runner-up La'Porsha Renae's ear.

"I told La'Porsha right before, 'No matter what name Ryan [Seacrest] calls out, let's just hug," Harmon revealed at AOL Build on Monday. "'They just gave us a car, and we are hodunk Mississippi, and let's just hug until they pull us apart.' And that's what we did."

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The 25-year-old from Amory, Miss. opened up about his relationship with Renae, who was consistently his fiercest rival throughout the Farewell Season of "American Idol," indicating that the reason that they both made it to the finale was that they were the hardest-working finalists this year.

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"We both knew how to work, and that just helped us so much in the long run," he said on Monday. "We were the two that were doing it all night, and we would even rehearse together. We were from the same state [of Mississippi], so we had a unique relationship. We would help each other, and it was such a healthy competitiveness that we had."

"It's always good to be friends with the people you're competing against," he concluded.

When Seacrest read out his name as the final "Idol" champion, Harmon made sure to take note of what he was thinking, just like he famously made sure to write down "every little thing -- the good and the bad" -- throughout his experience on the show so that he could "recall upon it and use it later."

See photos from the "American Idol" series finale:

"In that moment," he revealed. "I had a conscious thought that it was worth it: Staying up late, getting up early, all of the rehearsals in the mirror. You often wonder if it's worth it, and it was worth it. In that moment, I realized that."

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Though Harmon remained cool throughout his time on "American Idol" -- keeping it together despite all of the ups and downs -- he did reveal that the "grind with a capital G" that is "Idol" made him extremely emotional.

"I think I cried on 'Idol' more than I've ever cried in my whole life," he said with a laugh.

Looking forward, Harmon is excited to start recording his album as soon as later this week when he'll finally sit down to figure out what he wants to accomplish with his debut record. He joked that his sound will fall under a category that he made up himself -- "country-soul."

Trent Harmon's "American Idol" journey was filled with memorable moments -- both good and bad -- but, in the end, it was an experience that clearly paid off for the hardworking musician.

"Nobody made me do 'Idol,'" Harmon said at Build. "I voluntarily signed myself up to do it, and I'm happy I did."

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