The internet goes wild after man tweets bizarre McDonald's experience

McDonald's Employee Goes Viral After Helping Elderly Man Feed Himself
McDonald's Employee Goes Viral After Helping Elderly Man Feed Himself

Things can get a little weird when you go out for a late night fast-food run, but that may be an understatement for the experience one Tennessee man had.

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Josh Raby, a Nashville-based director and writer, went on a quest for a milkshake around 1 a.m. and ended up at his local McDonald's, according to Buzzfeed.

Initially, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But when he tried to place his order with the drive-thru worker, things got strange -- really strange.

Raby ended up spending a total of 37 minutes listening to the worker talk about things like his work life and wife all while trying to do one simple thing -- order a milkshake.

At one point the employee's wife showed up ... and she was just as odd as her husband. The couple even decided to make out in front of poor Raby.

After the bizarre experience, Raby decided the world needed to know about the weirdness that ensued so he took to Twitter to share his story.

The unusual encounter began like this (Some tweets contain adult language):

And ended with this:

Raby's story has received hundreds of retweets and thousands of favorites on Twitter. It has gotten a lot of attention from different publications, which Raby tweeted about.

Click through the images below to read Raby's crazy story in its entirety (Some tweets contain adult language):