Open tough plastic cases without scissors using this ingenious trick

Open tough plastic cases without scissors using this ingenious trick

Probably half of the things I purchase come tightly wrapped in tough, airtight clamshell packaging. From headphones and pens to ordinary household necessities like lightbulbs and batteries, these rigid plastic cases are incredibly frustrating to crack.

If you're like me, you probably usually use scissors to pry open the plastic case. I've come to learn that this is actually extremely dangerous — and could lead to pretty severe cuts and scrapes on the hand, if not carefully executed.

In the exclusive video below, we share an amazing trick for opening these plastic cases.

Instead of tugging at the package with all your strength, or using sharp, dangerous tools to make little cracks and dents in the box, try using a regular can opener to do the trick.

Just like the glue gun can help expedite simple household tasks, this unassuming appliance is truly a lifesaver, and will do in just a pinch.

Click to watch the tutorial in the video below, and see how incredibly easy it is to open plastic cases in the future!

Will you be trying out this amazing hack? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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