Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday 'was pure debauchery,' thanks to the 'Wolf of Wall Street' production company

Taylor Swift Was the Highest Paid Celebrity Of The Year
Taylor Swift Was the Highest Paid Celebrity Of The Year

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The Wall Street Journal's recent deep dive into the dubious Malaysia-backed finances of Red Granite Pictures, the production company behind The Wolf of Wall Street, exposed some eye-popping expenditures, including the $600,000 purchase of Marlon Brando's 1955 best actor Oscar as a gift for Leonardo DiCaprio's 38th birthday in 2012. But a THR source claims a ton of dough also was spent at a birthday party to impress the Wolf star.

"It was pure debauchery," says the source. "The Red Granite guys were having a competition on who could spend the most money on champagne service. They spent over a million dollars buying bottles that were brought out by scantily clad women, with sparklers on each magnum that were $25,000 each."

A representative for Red Granite "absolutely" denies that "this event ever happened."

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