Julianne Hough has a hilarious name for her 'problem area'

Julianne Hough Takes Her Bikini to New Heights
Julianne Hough Takes Her Bikini to New Heights

By: Chelsea Huang

Julianne Hough jokes that she "practically came out of the womb" active -- and she has the enviable dancer's body to prove it. But the former "Dancing with the Stars" pro and judge admits there's one part of her body she's constantly working on.

"I like to call it my 'thass.' It's like the area between your thigh and your ass -- they used to call it saddlebags. Thank you, grandma and mom! It's genetic, so I'm always constantly working on my inner and outer thighs," she told AOL in an exclusive interview.

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Even though Hough stays on top of her health and fitness, the budding actress, 27, admits that traveling and scheduling can make it tough -- something we can all relate to. That's why she swears by her Fitbit Alta fitness tracker. Before wearable tech, Hough would wear wrist and ankle weights to remind her to exercise throughout the day, and now, her Fitbit does the same.

"It literally tells me to get up and move if I've been sitting around too long, so I love that aspect of it," she said. "I'm kind of a detailed person, too, so I like to see the amount of steps or the amount of calories burned, stuff like that. It's almost like a game. It's fun to challenge yourself and do more the next day."

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In addition to tracking her steps, calories burned and giving her surprising insights about her sleep patterns -- she thought she was sleeping soundly, but was actually tossing and turning -- the Fitbit syncs up with her smartphone to give her text notifications. In fact, she got a buzz during the interview when her fiance, NHL player Brooks Laich, texted her.

Having an athlete fiance is definitely helpful when it comes to fitness, but Hough says they haven't actually worked out together due to their very different workout styles. But this summer, Laich has big plans to have friends over for "beach workouts."

"He's almost finished with his season, so he's bought all these sand bags for like weights and stuff, and a bunch of our friends are going to come down on weekends, and we're going to do beach workouts. He's got his GoPro, he's going to be filming them, so I don't know. It's cute."

See photos of the couple:

While Hough totally serves up #bikinigoals, she looks to another celeb for long-term fitness inspiration: Helen Mirren.

"Have you seen her?" she gushed. "She's so hot. I saw her in a swimsuit in some magazine, and I was like what in the heck? That's really inspiring to me."

While Mirren relies on the Royal Canadian Air Force regimen, Hough, who says she gets "kind of bored easily," likes to switch it up with different exercises like Body by Simone, a full body dance-related cardio class that helps her work on her "thass" and CorePower Yoga, both of which her Fitbit automatically tracks to keep her accountable.

"I love to sweat," she said. "I love classes where I feel really pushed, and I don't like to talk when I workout. Sometimes I'll do group privates lessons with some of my friends, and I'm like, 'Stop talking!' "

In case you needed more proof that Hough takes fitness seriously, she revealed: "I want push myself to where I want to throw up."

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