Could you live in a retro school bus for under $20K?

Living Large in Tiny Houses
Living Large in Tiny Houses

if you've got a travel bug that just won't seem to quit, this might be your dream setup.

What was originally a school bus, and still is from the outside looking in, has been transformed into a tiny home by one Washington state couple.

At around 200 square feet, getting used to living (or traveling) in tight spaces is a primary requirement.

Take a look at the refurbished bus here:

The bus, surprisingly, comes with plenty of storage space and is still a bit of a fixer upper.

Solar panels and a solar fridge are perfect for keeping the home green, accompanied by a pump sink, a propane oven and a "low-tech composting toilet."

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There's also proper drainage set up for a shower, but it has yet to be installed.

The bus is mostly unfurnished, aside from a loft-style bed and two chalkboard walls, ideal for jotting down plans for adventures and recording memories.

It's yours for $12K and a little extra work, but a tricked out bus with the ability to go and sleep wherever your heart desires sounds like just the kind of freedom we could all use.

While you're at it , check out this home that was converted from an old courthouse:

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