Budget Better: 11 best items to buy at Whole Foods

Best Bargains at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is a great destination for shoppers when it comes to organic and speciality foods.

The grocery store offers a range of brand name products, unique speciality items, local produce and baked goods, and its 365 Everyday Value house brand foods.

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But while you're guaranteed to find an array of delicious, healthy and fresh products, there is a stigma that surrounds the popular grocer that turn many people off: A hefty price tag. Whole Foods has faced numerous investigations and negative press for overcharging customers.

Although the grocery store does receive backlash for inflated prices, you can often find better values compared to competitors if you know the right products to buy.

From both a price and quality standpoint, these are the 11 products we recommend you add to your Whole Foods shopping cart -- but with all the tasty options in the organic superstore, we wish you luck sticking to just 11!

View the best things to buy at Whole Foods below:

Best things to buy at Whole Foods
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Budget Better: 11 best items to buy at Whole Foods

Freshly baked bread 

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365 Everyday Value Greek Yogurt

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Speciality cheeses

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Oats, grains and beans in the DIY bulk section

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Frozen foods, i.e. pizza and turkey burgers 

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Alternative milk products

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Frozen berries

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Raisins and dry fruit in the DIY bulk section

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Spices in the DIY bulk section 

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365 Everyday Value Olive Oil

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Freshly baked goods from the bakery section 

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