Bank robbers don head-to-toe aluminum foil, shockingly fail to thwart security system


When it comes to creativity, these Brazilian bank robbers get an A+ for their recent, outside-the-box heist.

In an attempt to thwart the security system at the Banco do Brasil in Praia Grande, the duo wrapped themselves in aluminum foil from head-to-toe, believing it would throw off the alarm.

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Footage from the robbery show the masters of disguise wiggling around the bank's floor as they attempted to keep a low profile.

Their original outfits almost worked too. According to a local police spokesman, "They wanted to make sure the alarms didn't detect their presence by using the tin foil, but staff at the bank's CCTV control HQ saw them moving around and alerted police."

Some bank robbers in Brazil came up with an interesting disguise...they wrapped themselves in aluminum foil. YEAH!They look like massive baked potatoes!Melany #idiots

Posted by Fox 102.3 on Monday, April 11, 2016

The couple made a clean get away when the authorities arrived on the scene, and as of today remain at large.

This isn't the first time a burglar has used a makeshift disguise to fly under the radar. Just last month, a New Zealand crook made headlines when he was caught on camera using a child's blanket to avoid revealing his identity.

See the video from that break in below.

Intruder Disguises Himself Under Children's Blanket While Robbing Home
Intruder Disguises Himself Under Children's Blanket While Robbing Home
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