Adorable koala and human handler's playdate goes viral

Adorable Koala Joey and Human Handler's Playdate Goes Viral

Prepare to be jealous. This is someone's actual job. Koala Cuddler.

Harry is a koala Joey living in New South Wales, Australia, who was taken in by the Symbio Wildlife Park. Sadly, his mother died of cancer when he was only 4 months old, but he has been fostered and loved in this koala sanctuary, and appears to be very happy.

Tami, his handler, sat down with Harry to play, but that really turned into lots of cuddles and kisses. Of course, in addition to the koala being beyond precious, people couldn't help but notice that Tami is pretty too, with comments ranging from wondering why there is no ring on her finger and asking "How does one go on a playdate with Tami."

Good question. I'm guessing Harry might be the best one to ask, since he's already going on playdates with her.

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Adorable koala and human handler's playdate goes viral


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