Seen on the trail: Week of April 10

Seen on the Trail 4/10
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Seen on the trail: Week of April 10
Got that GQ look.
Great to meet many young supporters in Syracuse tonight! Photo credit Raychel Renna
Wouldn't be a Brooklyn campaign stop without a visit to @juniorscheesecake.
A great honor to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum with my wife, Melania, today. #NewYorkValues
Politics isn't just about giving big speeches. Listening to people's concerns and talking with them, not at them, is how we can solve our biggest challenges together.
I want to move to public funding of elections, so anyone can run for office without having to beg for money from the wealthy and powerful. #FeelTheBern #BernieInBrooklyn
Looks like #Buffalo is ready to join the political revolution! #FeelTheBern.
Now that's what I call a New York welcome... #newyorknewyork #bigapple #empirestateofmind #welcome #Kasich4Us
I #LOVE #NewYork! THANK YOU for the incredible support in #Albany tonight!
San Diego: thank you for joining us tonight. California will decide this Republican presidential race!
Great shot of the #KasichFamily tonight. Chip in and let's get them to the White House! #Kasich4Us #family #nofilter
"We cheered when [the U.S. women's national soccer team] won the World Cup and we cheered when they won the Olympic gold medal. And we noticed that our men’s team hasn't yet done that. Yet somehow, the men are making hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the women. Now you know the phrase 'equal pay for equal work?' Well in America, we believe in equal pay for equal play, too." —Hillary during an #EqualPayDay panel discussion with women's soccer star @mrapinoe. From star athletes to ordinary Americans, women still aren't being paid equally to men. It's time to fix that.
This campaign kicked off one year ago today—and we're just getting started. Thanks for being a part of it.
"I'm supporting Bernie Sanders because he says no to fracking. I'm supporting Bernie Sanders because we need a single-payer system that takes care of everyone. And that is not a pipe dream; that's something that's happening all over the world and in really positive ways." - @RosarioDawson #FeelTheBern
#Love my family! They have been there for me- every step of the way. Thank you! I want to work for you- the #American people- and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! #Repost @donaldjtrumpjr ・・・ Great night on @cnn with @andersoncooper for the @realdonaldtrump family town hall. It was great to be able to discuss my father as a dad and grandfather rather than the usual topics of conversation. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 @ivankatrump @erictrump
My Flat Tax Plan is simple. How simple? Watch: #AbolishTheIRS
Tune in tonight, #CruzCrew!
#KasichGroundGame is going to Pennsylvania and Maryland. Join Us! Learn more at: #PA #MD #grassroots #april #Kasich4Us
Love you back, New York.
Thank you to the more than 27,000 New Yorkers who came out tonight to join our political revolution. Unbelievable. #FeelTheBern #NewYorkForBernie
#TBT to limiting federal spending. #experience #values #blackandwhite #throwback
Senator Bernie Sanders & I before his plenary session at NAN's Silver Anniversary Convention. #NAN25
Feels great to be back in New York today! Catch Gov. John Kasich on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" at 7pm ET and "Late Night with Seth Meyers" at 12:35pm ET. #NY #ontheroad #empirestate #Kasich4Us
A preview of what is to come tonight at 11:35 PM on @FallonTonight!

Social media is playing a huge role in this year's presidential election. Each candidate and their supporters have been sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos on Instagram, providing voters with an inside look at their everyday lives.

As the candidates fight to secure their party's nomination, they continue to use social media to reach America's youth.

There's always something happening -- from debates and primaries to attack ads and defensive remarks -- so stay locked here for updates on all things election 2016.

Click through the slideshow above to see this week's political scene.

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