Poulter puts aside Twitter feud to card a decent round

Ian Poulter's Swing Secrets
Ian Poulter's Swing Secrets

Ian Poulter put his Twitter feud aside, temporarily at least, to bounce back from a nightmare third round with a competent one-under 71 in the final round at the Masters on Sunday.

After signing his scorecard, Poulter initially refused a request to talk to reporters, before relenting when asked a second time by a Masters official.

But after talking to half a dozen golf writers for a minute or two about his round, the Englishman alluded to his online spat with a journalist who had commented on the player's poor third round of 82.

"Still not doing a good enough job to get rid of those distractions," Poulter said.

"Unfortunately, I paid the price yet again. So, I guess I need to be more ruthless and respect my time a bit more and if I do that, then I've got half a chance of playing some good golf."

Asked to clarify exactly what he was talking about, Poulter continued: "You can read into it exactly how you would like to read into it, I'm sure you're educated enough to understand. I'm not educated, but you can make up your own mind."

Poulter's remarks came after he took exception to a British newspaper columnist, who on Saturday tweeted: "82 for Poulter today. Bit of a scruffy-looking scorecard, it must be said."

Poulter, a prolific tweeter, responded: "It's slightly disappointing when this muppet ... puts people down about there appearance & is scruffiest journalist I've met."

After his brief chat with the assembled reporters, Poulter, who finished on 12-over 300, wasted no time heading back home to Florida, where he lives for most of the year.

"I'm landing into Orlando in 10 minutes and will be watching the back 9 on my sofa with a nice cold beer," he tweeted later.

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