Human foot and other remains found in Seattle recycling bin

Homeowner Makes Horrifying Discovery In Recycling Bin
Homeowner Makes Horrifying Discovery In Recycling Bin

(Reuters) -- A Seattle homeowner found three adult body parts, including a foot, in a recycling bin over the weekend, police and local media said on Sunday.

A homeowner dialed emergency services after discovering the items in a recycling bin about 4 p.m. PDT (2300 GMT) Saturday afternoon, said Patrick Michaud, a spokesman for the Seattle Police Department.

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Homicide detectives and the King County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the remains were human, Michaud said.

The remains were likely placed in the recycling bin between Friday and Saturday night, he said.

See more from the scene in the gallery below:

One of the body parts found was a foot, the Seattle Times reported, citing Sgt. Mike Renner of the Seattle Police Department. Renner told the paper the body parts were "fresh."

It was unclear where the remains came from.

The parts were sent to the medical examiner's office and will be searched for evidence on Monday, a spokesman with office said.

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