Hillary Clinton pokes fun at NYC subway swipe fail as Mayor de Blasio raps to her

Hillary Clinton Jokes About Her Subway Struggles at Charity Dinner
Hillary Clinton Jokes About Her Subway Struggles at Charity Dinner

Hillary Clinton turned the tables (or the turnstile) on jabs directed at her for taking several attempts to swipe a "metrocard" at a New York City subway station earlier in the week by jokingly blaming the mayor for her struggles during a surprise appearance at a charity event Saturday night.

"Would you please fix these MetroCard slots in the Subway. It took me like five swipes," Clinton said to a smiling Mayor Bill de Blasio during the Inner Circle Show, an annual comedic musical where local journalists roast local and national politicians -- focusing heavily on New York's mayor and governor.

"The little terminal thing kept saying, 'please swipe again,'" Clinton joked.

The minor gaffe, made Thursday while Clinton was campaigning in New York, was called out by the New York Post and later spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

Hillary Clinton vs. Subway Turnstile
Hillary Clinton vs. Subway Turnstile

Clinton, who said she had last rode the subway about two years ago, boasted before her five-swipe-spree that she is more experienced with New York's transit system than rival Bernie Sanders who had revealed in an interview with the New York Daily News that he thought the Subway fare was still paid in token form.

Clinton was invited to the stage Saturday night by de Blasio who was honoring the tradition of putting on a rebuttal skit during Inner Circle, which this year largely made fun of the perceived rivalry between de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo in "Shamilton," a play off the hit Broadway show Hamilton.

The mayor, in the spirit of Hamilton, performed a rap in his portion of the performance, dropping the line, "My left-wing cred is epic, it's Biblical. You get one guess who's the most liberal. I make Bernie Sanders look like Trump. I'm down with Sandinistas and The Donald's a chump."

Introducing Clinton, de Blasio rapped, "So I come blazing, with heavy artillery, for the Queen of the Democrats, my homegirl Hillary."

Clinton then quipped to de Blasio: "Thanks for the endorsement, Bill. Took you long enough."

While Clinton did finally get de Blasio's endorsement, she shouldn't hold her breath on her request about the finicky NYC subway turnstiles, which are within the purview of the state, not the city.

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