What it means to dream about losing teeth

Dreaming About Losing Your Teeth Could Mean You're Out of Control

There are lots of theories out there about what dreams mean, but it's usually safe to go with what's logical.

Some experts say dreams are your brain's way of processing what's been going on around you.To dream about being unprepared for a test, for example, indicates there was recently something in your life you weren't ready for. Or, if you were being chased, it could mean you're avoiding something in real life.

Have you recently said something you wish you hadn't? If so, you might find yourself imagining your teeth falling out...which is an evil reminder to be nice at all times.

Find out what other dreams mean in the video above!

Plus, click through the slideshow below to learn helpful sleep tips:

Sleep Tips
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What it means to dream about losing teeth


The scent of lavender is known to be very relaxing and can help you get to sleep at night. 

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Shut off the screens

Avoid being on your computer, phone or e-reader before going to sleep. Studies have shown the use of these items before bed can decrease the quality of your sleep.

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Melatonin supplements 

Taking sleeping pills sounds scary to many people, but melatonin supplements are like a sleep vitamin, giving you a little extra of the naturally produced hormone. 

(photo credit: Ekspansio)

Stick to a schedule

Going to sleep and waking at the same time every day helps your natural sleep/wake cycle. You sleep much better when you go to bed when actually drowsy and wake naturally at the same time each day. 

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Regular exercise, even as little as 20 mins a day can help you sleep better at night. 

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Skip the afternoon nap

Taking a nap during the day can exasperate insomnia for many people. 

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