This hack gave a British man access to free and unlimited Domino's pizza

Hungry? Lazy? Domino's has the perfect app for you

Looks like a lifetime of free pizza is only a computer hacking skill away (and no, we're not talking about Pizza Hut's free pizza for three years competition last month.)

A small, yet noticeable flaw in Domino's Android payment app helped British security consultant Paul Price hack the system and figure out a way to get unlimited free pizza.

Yes, every college student's dream was actually a reality.

We're saying "was" because like any human with a decent moral compass would do, Price alerted Domino's of the coding error and the team was quick to resolve the issue.

Ever wondered what your favorite pizza says about you?

What your favorite pizza says about you
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This hack gave a British man access to free and unlimited Domino's pizza

Pepperoni: Extroverts, easily bored

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Vegetarian: Charming, flirtatious

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White sauce: Good with money, love to debate

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In a blog post on April 4, titled "Domino's: Pizza and Payments", Price explained how a declined payment resulted in a way for him to hack in to the system.

For those who don't speak fluent code, Price essentially changed one word in the payment code and it pushed through an order that he never paid for.

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When the delivery driver showed up at his house, Price explained what had happened and told the driver:

"...there must have been a mistake with the order as I never entered any card details and wanted to pay with cash."

And so he paid with cash and cleared his plate, while simultaneously clearing his conscience.

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