They poured Coke onto these phones and froze them -- can you guess which phone wins?

S7 v iPhone 6

Posted by World Nation on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or a iPhone 6? You'll want to watch this experiment.

World Nation uploaded footage to Facebook to see which phone would survive freezing temperatures while saturated in Coke. They poured Coca-Cola in two plastic containers with each phone inside, closed them and put them in the freezer at -24 degrees Celsius. They left them in for what looks like a little under 10 minutes and took them out.

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They poured hot water around the Samsung GS7 and managed to get the phone out of the container. Luckily the Samsung GS7 was still on. However, when they tried to do the same to the iPhone 6, the phone was off. They had to plug the phone in for it to turn on.

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The video has been viewed more than 8 million times.

We think it's safe to say the S7 won this battle.

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