These innovations will make air travel less awful

These Innovations Will Make Air Travel Less Awful
These Innovations Will Make Air Travel Less Awful

Someday, flying won't be as awful as it is now. Gross bathrooms, neck cramps, and boredom are three of the worst things about flying, but some new technology is here to make sure they're a thing of the past.

If you're sick of holding your nose and your breath while you go to that nasty airplane bathroom, Boeing just created a self-cleaning toilet -- and even won an award for it. The technology uses UV light to clean all the surfaces in the bathroom, which would kill 99.9% of all the germs.

In addition to cleaner restrooms, a university in Holland created a folding headrest to help passengers get better shuteye on their flights, and Lufthansa has created a new app that will allow passengers to read books, listen to music and online shop from your own device in the air.

With all these changes in the works, flying might get a whole lot more enjoyable in the future.

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