The side to CrazyJewishMom's Kim Friedman you've never seen before

Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman On "Mother, Can You NOT?"
Kate Siegel and Kim Friedman On "Mother, Can You NOT?"

In under a year, CrazyJewishMom has become a cultural phenomenon. The popular Instagram account, which features out-there text messages between Kate Siegel and her mother Kim Friedman -- has amassed over 812,000 avid followers. Words like "SuperJew" (Kate's boyfriend who has yet to propose), the "Death Trap" (Kate's Brooklyn apartment), and "Spawn" (Kim's nickname for her daughter) have not only become synonymous with the account itself, but has also become part of millennials day-to-day vocabulary. It's a testament to the reach CrazyJewishMom has.

And while people may already be familiar with Friedman's marriage and general life advice, to which Siegel admits that "Even though the delivery is often very aggressive, all of the core things she's expressed are absolutely important," there's a side to the viral CrazyJewishMom that most people haven't seen before. Enter Kate Siegel's debut book "Mother, Can you Not?" which is a collection of essays and stories from Siegel's life growing up with, a well, crazy Jewish mother. From awkward moments like Kim finding Kate in a bed with a boy to larger-than-life Friedman mantras -- remember "No STD test, you won't be getting sexed!" -- "Mother, Can You Not?" takes readers on a hysterical and in-depth journey between this unique mother-daughter relationship.

But what's even more note-worthy is the fact that readers get to see a side of Friedman they've never seen before, even if they're die-hard fans of the Instagram account. As Siegel notes, the vignettes in the book showcase the duo's progression over the past two decades; "[On] Instagram you just see a small scene into our life, this is much more in-depth." For example, readers will get incredible insight into Friedman as a "raging feminist," where in her directing days stood up to the sexism of Hollywood in best way possible. And even better is understanding that Friedman is just like most of our mothers. "What she worries about is universal; all moms are concerned about the same things."

The book hits close to home in many ways. It might remind you that all parents are a little 'crazy' now and then, or it could even help you realize that sometimes you just need your mom. There is truly something that everyone can resonate with.

"Mother, Can You Not?" is now available for purchase on

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