The biggest makeup mistake 99% of women make

Rae Morris's expert makeup tips to making your eyes pop
Rae Morris's expert makeup tips to making your eyes pop

Video courtesy of Rae Morris.

With over two decades of professional training, a mentorship from Richard Sharah (the man responsible for the legendary Ziggy Stardust makeup), 5 best-selling books, countless magazine spreads, and four Australian Makeup Artist of the Year awards, Rae Morris has proven herself to be an unparalleled force in the makeup industry. She's done everything from oversee beauty looks from hundreds of Fashion Week shows to create the first-ever magnetic makeup brush range. So what happens when she condenses all of her expert knowledge into one book? You get undoubtedly the most comprehensive and innovative anthology of all-things beauty.

Morris's newest work, "Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass" is a 430 page step-by-step guide that personalizes makeup application for every woman. As Morris claims, "This was meant to be a three month project but it took me three years. It's hand on heart everything I know about makeup." No secret is spared, and Morris takes into account the minute differences each women have -- like eye color, eye shape, and skin tone -- that can effect how they choose their makeup palettes and techniques. Morris makes it clear that this is not a one-size fits all process, "There is a science to color but as a makeup artist the creative side also changes. I don't want to put women in boxed holes. So I created a color wheel featuring the actual eyeballs from all the women shot in the book, with the eyeshadows that match their specific color."

Morris's scientific method when it comes to makeup all boils down to the Fibonacci Sequence: "It's a fascinating mathematical sequence that we have it instilled in our brains. So when we see Fi measurements it triggers to us that something is beautiful no matter what gender, race, or age." Her application process may sound technical, but Morris brings everything down to the bare basics, helping even beginners understand the ins and outs. A big part of that is understanding what people's face and eye shapes really looks like.

According to Morris, 99% of women make the common eye makeup mistake of doing the top eyelid makeup first and the joining that shape to the bottom of the eye. While most people think this may enlarge their eyes, it actually makes them smaller. Turns out, we've all been doing our eyeliner wrong the whole time.

A quick fix that will actually get the desired result is to start with the under-eye first, since it creates more of a lift than starting from the top. From there, create a C shape from the lowest part of your under-eye to the highest part of the upper-eye (You can catch the full tutorial on this maneuver above).

If you think that hack changed your life, brace yourself. This is just one of the hundreds of professional insights the Aussie makeup artist dishes out in "Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass." While the stunning hardcover runs at about $52.55, the iPad and iPhone version -- which includes hours of exclusive video tutorials -- will only cost you $15.01 and $4.50 respectively. To keep things in perspective, that's far less than your typical drugstore makeup haul. Not too shabby, right?

We're live with celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris and she's dishing out her secret to getting the perfect brow.

Posted by AOL Lifestyle on Monday, April 4, 2016

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