Sutton Foster says her 'Gilmore Girls' character is a struggling actress who will star in the Stars Hollow musical

Actress Sutton Foster Fangirls Out About 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion
Actress Sutton Foster Fangirls Out About 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion

We knew that self-proclaimed Gilmore Girls "super fan" Sutton Foster had a part in the Netflix revival, but initially she simply said that her experience was "beyond." (Like, of course.) "I'm a super fan from the couch suddenly invited to the set," Foster told Vulture at Variety's Power of Women Luncheon, presented by Lifetime, on Friday. "It was definitely surreal." As for her character, she told us that she's just a gal trying to make the big time. "I can tell you that her best gig that she's gotten so far in life is the lead in the Stars Hollow musical," said Foster. "So, she's a struggling actress." (Is there any other kind?)

Viewers will get to see the actual Broadway star's Stars Hollow performance during the musical extravaganza in the third episode titled "Summer." "It's the story of the town, Stars Hollow, told only the way that Amy and Dan could tell it," Foster said about the musical.

Speaking of Stars Hollow, Foster didn't miss the opportunity to geek out on set. "The best part is that our holding room was in Luke's Diner," said Foster. "So we were all just hanging out in Luke's Diner and I was just shooting the shit with Sally Struthers, Lauren Graham, and Michael Winters. At some points I thought someone was going to kick me out, I mean, how did I get invited to this place? ... My scenes were at Miss Patty's dance studio. You know, it was amazing. It was surreal. I had two days and they went by so fast because I didn't want it to end."

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