Shop these videos: 17 best-selling products for a smarter kitchen

Cooking ain't easy, so here are 17 products that will save you time and money in the kitchen. From reusable food wraps to a machine that turns your leftover fruit into ice cream, these best-sellers are trending across the country. Below, we've partnered with our friends at MikMak to let you play short product videos, hit add to cart and purchase right here on AOL.

1) Purify and flavor your water for clean, delicious hydration on the go.

2) Enjoy garlic without smelling like it all day.

3) The all-natural, reusable version of plastic wrap.

4) A glass for when you're planning to drink the whole bottle anyway.

5) Cook to perfection with a lid-timer that moulds to fit a variety of pot sizes.

6) Make ice cream at home using leftover fruit.

7) An easy to clean, sculptural citrus juicer with no power cords needed.

8) A touchless, germ-free hand cleansing experience.

9) Read the temperature of your mug and never burn your mouth again.

10) Never slice your fingers while chopping veggies again.

11) Aerate and decant your favorite red wines, straight from the bottle.

12) A cup designed for the perfect cookie dunk.

13) Dip your cookies in milk, not your fingers.

14) Chill and aerate your white wine simultaneously.

15) Satisfy your inner neat-freak and your love for cooking.

16) Let the whole family get creative at the dinner table.

17) Serving fusion food just got easier.

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