Instead of a dog, this boy's parents gave him a pet alpaca named Chewy


While dogs might be known as man's best friend, one alpaca is bucking stereotypes, proving to be the coolest pet any kid could ask for.

The domesticated farm animal was adopted by a family in Adelaide, Australia, after the parents vetoed adding a pup to the family. The less conventional option was later dubbed Chewy and has since become the partner in crime of the family's teen son Matt.

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In an interview with Gold Coast Bulletin, Matt said, "We drove up to the (Mt. Compass) alpaca farm on Christmas Eve and picked Chewy," Matt said. "He was the smallest one there."

Since being integrated into suburban life, Chewy has become a big fan of the going for walks in the neighborhood and wading in the water at the beach. "He tries to drink the water sometimes — he watches the waves come over him," Matt says.

And it isn't only in the local community that Chewy has made a name for himself. Matt has also created an Instagram account for his furry friend -- a mission that has proven to be a success based on his more than 8,000 followers. His account name? Chew_paca, naturally.

Check out some of Chewy's day-to-day adventures below.

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From the Andes to Italy: Farmer Opens Alpaca Farm
From the Andes to Italy: Farmer Opens Alpaca Farm
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