Data shows 1 US presidential candidate clearly has the best TV ads

Sanders and Clinton Release New Ads
Sanders and Clinton Release New Ads

As candidates are knocked out of the U.S. presidential race, TV ads are becoming even more important for those wishing to stay relevant. And the campaign by Democrat underdog Bernie Sanders is using the medium most effectively, according to data from Ace Metrix.


In fact, the Vermont Senator took gold, silver, and bronze in Ace Metrix's ranking of the top presidential ads of the quarter.

Interestingly, no pro-Ted Cruz ads made it into the top ten, despite his campaign producing the greatest amount of ads in the quarter (51.) By comparison, Cruz's Republican rival Donald Trump only aired seven ads during the last 90 days -- this is probably related to Trump's reported $2 billion-worth of free media coverage.

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The video advertising analysts gave each advert an "Ace Score," based on data collected from 500 respondents per ad, using a balanced sample of voters. The score was combined using metrics like "Attention," "Watchability," "Persuasion," "Agreement," and "Information Seeking." It's intended to show the effectiveness of the ad, and the likelihood of it changing the way a viewer will vote.

Check out the 10 most-effective political ads from the last 90 days, according to Ace Metrix:

10. Bernie 2016 -- "Every American." Ace score: 552

9. Our Principles PAC (Anti-Donald Trump) --"Quotes." Ace Score: 555

8. Bernie 2016 -- "Stood With American Workers." Ace Score: 558.

7. Kasich for America -- "Progress." Ace Score: 558

6. Bernie 2016 -- "Voice." Ace Score: 562.

5. New Day for America (pro-John Kasich) -- "Hinge."Ace Score: 562

4. America Future Fund (Anti-Donald Trump) -- "Bob." Ace Score: 564.

3. Bernie 2016 -- "Fairness." Ace Score: 566.

2. Bernie 2016 -- "Bull." Acre Score: 567.

1. Bernie 2016 -- "For Jobs For Us." Ace Score: 570.

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