BEN CARSON: Donald Trump knows his Twitter use is 'a problem'

Things We Learned About Donald Trump: He Doesn't Write Out His Own Tweets
Things We Learned About Donald Trump: He Doesn't Write Out His Own Tweets

Ben Carson said Donald Trump knows his Twitter account is "a problem" in a Thursday interview flagged by BuzzFeed the next day.

During the interview with Florida radio host Joyce Kaufman, Carson said Trump was approached by multiple people to discuss his freewheeling use of the social-media platform.

"I hope that somebody closes that Twitter account, really," said Carson, a former presidential candidate who endorsed Trump.

Check out some of Trump's wildest tweets:

"Well, I think he will come to understand," he added. "We talk about it, and a number of people have talked about it, including his family. And he knows that it's a problem. And the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists."

Trump's tweets have sparked a large number of firestorms, including a recent one that promoted an unflattering photo of rival Ted Cruz's wife.

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For his part, Carson has made a series of confusing remarks for a campaign surrogate in recent interviews. In a Thursday interview on CNN, he defended Trump's campaign manager, who faces a misdemeanor battery charge, by saying that most people face misdemeanor charges. He then suggested that one of the CNN hosts "probably" faced such a charge.

The host, John Berman, insisted he never faced such a charge.

Carson also told a radio host over the weekend that Trump has "major defects" as a candidate.

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