104-year-old sets world record by getting his first tattoo

104-year-old becomes the oldest person to get tattoo
104-year-old becomes the oldest person to get tattoo

A 104-year-old British man celebrated his birthday and broke what might be one of the coolest world records ever.

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Jack Reynolds, a former railway line foreman from Chesterfield, marked his major life milestone by taking a shot of whiskey and getting tatted for the first time, according to Time.

And Reynolds' choice of artwork was his nickname and birthdate -- "Jacko 6.4.1912" -- inked on his right shoulder.

The British news show Good Morning Britain captured Reynolds' experience on camera and by the looks of it he was a real trooper with a great sense of humor.

"He initially joked about getting it on his bottom, but then wasn't too keen on having to get out his bum to show people," his 55-year-old daughter Jayne Goodwin told Guinness World Records.

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