Zuri Hall is dominating E! Network by day and YouTube by night

88th Academy Awards - Arrivals
88th Academy Awards - Arrivals

Zuri Hall is an Emmy Award-winning E! Network correspondent by day, where she does everything from interview celebrities on the red carpet to dish out the latest news from Hollywood in the studio. But by night she manages her own YouTube channel, blog, and spearheads her self-created social media movement, #AlphaBabe. For most people, that workload may seem like a real feat, but Zuri Hall wouldn't have it any other way.

Ever since she started her career back in 2012, Hall has racked up an impressive resume including gigs on MTV, BET, VHI, and FUSE TV. And at the same time, her side social media project has been growing an incredible fanbase of over 150,000 followers. Hall's YouTube page and blog both aim to help every woman become an #AlphaBabe — a term coined by Hall — and lead goal-oriented lives that mix glamour with their daily grinds. From style tips, to life-saving career advice, her social media accounts are a destination for all women looking for a little more inspiration in their day-to-day lives.

But what's even more impressive is Hall's authenticity. Her drive to help others reach their own professional goals feels like a breath of fresh air in today's seemingly dog-eat-dog world. Thanks to her down-to-Earth charisma and genuine passion for her professional and personal goals, Zuri Hall has emerged as one of the entertainment industry's most in-demand personalities.

We recently spoke to Hall about her career, activism, and more. Ahead, find out where her love of performing first began, how she started her incredible career, and the on-air celebrity encounter that changed her life.

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When was the first time realized that you loved being on screen?
Well I knew that I loved being in front of people entertaining them since I was probably 6 or 7 years old. That's when I started rallying up my cousins and forcing them against their will to audition for the plays that I was writing and casting. Then I would force my entire family to sit down and watch them for every holiday. As early as that age I knew that I loved telling stories, creating characters, and having people enjoy the performance that I was giving. I knew for sure that I wanted to be on camera after my first time. I remember there was a super small time commercial back in my home state of Ohio for a children's show. I don't even think the show ever even aired but I did the audition and I loved every second that I was on camera. I was a super shy kid and I wouldn't even look people in the eyes until I was 12 or 13 when I talked to them, but for whatever reason when I was in front of a camera I took that as permission to be my true self and to be funny goofy and outspoken.

It's funny that you say that you were shy. So many people who are big on-screen tend to admit that.
That's so true! Even now I really think that I'm an extroverted introvert. A lot of people assume that since you're on camera that you're automatically a super outgoing person. And I'm friendly and I like to talk to people, but I was reserved for so long that it's still my nature. As much as I've trained myself to step outside of my comfort zone, when I'm working, I really like to be alone at home, lying with a book. So there are definitely two sides to that coin.

How did you end scoring a role on E! network?
So I was in New York and had been working in TV for three years at that point. And there was actually an opportunity to co-host "The Fashion Police" with Joan Rivers on the network. I always loved and admired E! News and it was my dream to eventually end up there. A year later, we got a call that they were interested in meeting with me and exploring the possibilities of working together and it became a nice courting process on both ends. And that was that! I was meeting with them consistently, starting to take meetings, and one thing lead to another and I got the offer. I was just over the moon; it is the Holy Grail of Entertainment News jobs.

What was it like working with Joan Rivers?
She was amazing! I really gush when I talk about her because obviously she's tough as nails and is known for her comedy style, but she was so sweet and kind to me. I was nervous because one, it's E!, two because it was one of the biggest platforms I had worked on at this point and three because it's Joan Rivers! That's a lot of pressure. I got to the studio and came alone -- I didn't have an entourage or a makeup team or anything. Everyone kept asking, "Where's your makeup or your hair team?" And Joan sent her personal glam squad away from her dressing room to take care of me. They got me together from start to finish and it was such a gracious and kind thing to do.

Easily they could have found someone else to do it in that moment, but the fact that Joan told her team personally to go and take care of me really meant a lot. And when I got on stage I had my nerves, but she was such a calming force since she was so in control of her audience. She was talking and exchanging banter with them even in-between takes. There were just so many jokes after jokes and it was so authentic; she was having these conversations with people and they just ended up being hilarious. My guard quickly dropped and it will be an experience that I will never forget.

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