Summer inside a house-sized accordion in Sweden

Vacation Home Sales Drop
Vacation Home Sales Drop

This bizarrely designed and permeable house nicknamed "Accordion House" will hit all the right notes for all nature lovers.

The home was designed to fold inward on itself (like the folds of an accordion) so that it could still be built while meeting the property's square footage restrictions.

And when we say "fold inward on itself" we mean literally; the living room can expand or retract from 45 square meters to 72 square meters (roughly 484 to 775 square feet).

Oh, and that same living area is also insulated with reindeer skins.

Check it out here:

The house blends quite seamlessly in to the forest and nature that surrounds it, intentionally. The listing claims that in can be easily mistaken for a rock--how charming.

As a home that's clearly connected to all things outdoorsy, perhaps the best feature of this property is the absolutely stunning (and giant) creek that the house sits above.

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You'll find a wooden-planked path that leads you down from the house to the lake and dock, where you can tie any boat or water float that your heart desires.

The home will cost you around $430K (3.5M Swedish Krona, if that's your preferred method of payment).

You can live here year round if you'd like, but the home is intended to be a summer home—and with those unbelievable lake views and access to so much recreational water activity, we'd probably want to use it primarily in warmer weather, too.

Plus, there's an outhouse and we imagine that wouldn't be too thrilling in the winter.

Summer at the accordion, everyone!​

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