Samsung may be working on smart contact lenses with built-in display and camera

Samsung May Be Working On Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In Display And Camera

One day, contacts could be used to do more than improve a person's vision.

The website SamMobile is reporting that several years ago, Samsung filed for a patent in South Korea for a smart lens.

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An embedded display, camera, and antenna would make information and images available to the wearer; eye-movement sensors would also be integrated to trigger actions controlled by blinking.

A linked smartphone would provide the processing power. While the patent application was originally filed in 2014, it was only recently published.

According to SamMobile, a blog that focuses on Samsung's activities, the visual limitations of smart glasses served as a driving factor behind the concept.

It is unknown if Samsung plans to produce these contacts for consumers in the future.

However, some industry observers suspect that a trademark the company received in 2014 for the term "Gear Blink" could mean the potential exists.

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