Kevin Federline is rapping again, and taking shots at Kanye West: Watch the video

K-Fed Takes A Break From DJing To Make It Rain On Strippers
K-Fed Takes A Break From DJing To Make It Rain On Strippers

Some things you really don't see coming at all. That's the best way to describe the deeply weird and kind of gross new music video for the song "Hollywood" from Britney Spears ex Kevin Federline. The sometime-DJ is attempting his rap comeback a decade after the release of his only studio album, 2006's Playing With Fire.

Kevin Federline Talks 'Whirlwind' Britney Spears Relationship

The plot, such as it is, revolves around Federline trying to get a music producer played by Andy Dick to listen to his new song. Dick, however, is busy explaining to a Kanye West look-alike the finer points of ... well, having the thing done to him by ex Amber Rose that he denies she ever did to him. (Also, there's a fake Amber Rose who pretty graphically does that very thing to a smiling 'Ye.)

As for the song, it's mostly a by-the-numbers bounce track in which KFed brags about his fame, rapping, "pull up to the club I'm f---ed up or I'm faded/ Been killin' s--- for like 10 years man I already been famous."

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There's some garden variety complaints about how fake women in Hollywood are, digs at rappers who wear phony jewelry and a sing-song chorus from rapper Crichy Crich, best known for being the guy who got Tara Reid's name randomly tattooed on his body. Crich flosses about popping bottles, partying in the VIP, etc. Oh, and there's a cameo from a wasted fake Leonardo DiCaprio and a shout-out to TMZ, which, of course, promptly posted the video exclusive.

The video, courtesy of TMZ.

Hear the full track here (warning: explicit content):