If you pirate Quantum Break, you turn into a pirate!

Video game developers and publishers are always trying to find new ways of combating the growing spread of piracy. Believe it or not, they actually want people to purchase and pay for the games they play, and will certainly go the extra mile to be certain gamers do just that (unless they figure free games are the future, which is a possibility). But as far as fighting piracy goes, developer Remedy Entertainment certainly has a unique method in place when it comes to their new game, Quantum Break.

The game was released Tuesday, but already certain gamers have reported an interesting little feature bundled into pirated versions of the game. As first reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, pirate players will appear as such in the game itself, with the playable character sporting a mandatory eyepatch throughout the entire game. Check out the image of such a "deformity" below:

And the fun thing is this isn't even the first time Remedy has implemented such a punishment for pirate players; they did a similar stunt back in 2010 for Alan Wake, also adding an eyepatch for the titular character:

According to Remedy on their FAQ, the eyepatch is triggered by not being logged into a Microsoft account before accessing the game, which can only really occur if the player is using a pirated copy. In any case, an eye for an eye is only fair, right? By the way, we do not condone piracy and you should not attempt to recreate this in any way, shape, or form. Dress like a pirate yourself at home and just buy the game, it's quite good.

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