Hilary Duff sparks internet debate over outfit on Instagram

Hilary Duff Critiques Her Best Throwback Looks
Hilary Duff Critiques Her Best Throwback Looks

You can't please them all ...

Hilary Duff has found herself in hot water after posting an Instagram photo of an outfit she wore to drop her son Luca off at school.

"This morning I managed to throw something cute together and I thought would share," the 28-year-old actress captioned in a photo where she donned cut-off denim shorts, a baggy jumper, long coat and sneakers.

And with over 1,000 comments on the snap, it's clear some of her 5.5 million Instagram followers weren't feeling the same way.

"Because your outfit should be the focus of you and your child's day...." one person commented.

"Um sweetie you have no pants on...." wrote another.

But this comment was the ultimate dagger: "I would be humiliated if my mom showed up to pick me up in booty shorts. Those look like freaking underwear."

Fear not, devoted fans definitely had the "Lizzie McGuire" actress' back.

"I love the outfit!! As women we should empower, not insult. What is wrong with us? We need to move forward," one fan wisely chimed in.

While another user silenced the critics: "Yall some petty people, worrying about what other people wear haha. She looks hot, get over it, dont like it? Dont follow her?"

Booty shorts or not, we can't knock on Hilary for being real.

Hilary Duff through the years:

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