Eva Longoria talks all things beauty, hair and fragrance

Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds Tops Celebrity Fragrance Lines Sales List
Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds Tops Celebrity Fragrance Lines Sales List

Eva Longoria has long been the epitome of femininity, so it's no surprise that she was chosen to co-host the 25th anniversary of Elizabeth Taylor's iconic fragrance, White Diamonds. In a sparkling strapless bodycon dress and her own stunning diamond from fiancé Jose Antonio Baston, Longoria was the picture of classic glamour, much like a modern-day Elizabeth Taylor.

After giving a toast to the White Diamonds Legacy and honoring the release of Elizabeth Arden's latest tribute to Liz Taylor, White Diamonds Night, Longoria sat down with us to dish on how she stays so fabulous.

Read our Q&A with the actress below!

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 25th Anniversary Celebration
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 25th Anniversary Celebration

Liz Taylor was such an icon when it came to all things fashion and beauty. When you were growing up, who was someone you looked to as a beauty icon?

Well, she [Elizabeth Taylor] was one of them! I remember this commercial on TV, and she takes off her earrings and throws them on the table, and I just was like, 'Ohhhh!' I remember the men being mesmerized by her, as I was, so she's probably the biggest beauty icon I grew up with.

Is there anyone today who you think mirrors the iconic influence Liz Taylor had?

I try to mirror it in the sense of being a successful actress, being an entrepreneur and a business woman...and then being a humanitarian. You can't have a legacy without working at it your entire life, so that's one thing she's done and one thing I try to do, is build on previous successes and build upon the platform I have and the voice that I have to do other things outside of acting.

Can you tell us a little bit about your beauty routine?

I love makeup, so I'm constantly wearing makeup. My beauty routine is mostly taking off makeup and putting on makeup! But definitely moisturizing and facials. I'm a big facial person, and I fly a lot so I'm huge on moisturizer — I'm a big serums and creams person: eye cream, lip line cream, you know I'm all about like, spackle it on at night and just bake! I just want to bake. I also put a lot of moisturizer on when I fly.

It's no secret that you have incredible hair. What are your tricks for keeping your hair in such great shape?

There's an amazing shampoo called EverPure, which has no sulfates. I'm really into the no sulfates because it lets your color last long. And I have grey, and there's a great root coverup that I have from L'Oreal, and it's a spray thing, so like when you don't have time to get to the colorist, and you have to go longer...even like, it's just so expensive every time you go get your hair colored! It's like, 'I can't keep up with this!' but the root coverup is a really good trick for people who want to save money or can't really get to the salon, or if you're in a jam.

What is your philosophy when it comes to fragrance?

I think fragrance should be looked upon like an accessory. If you're going to a wedding, that's a different fragrance, if you're going on a date, that's a different fragrance, and you should treat them based on the occasion.

If you could only have one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably sunblock.

So there you have it. Even the beautiful Eva Longoria thinks it's an expensive pain to get to the salon every six weeks, which perhaps is a glimmer of hope that we can someday achieve the level of fabulousness she exudes on a daily basis.

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