5 things you should never say to a die-hard 'Friends' fan, ranked

'Friends' Cast Reprise Roles on 'Kimmel'
'Friends' Cast Reprise Roles on 'Kimmel'

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A." If you talk to any "Friends" fan, you know that we live by these words. They might as well be written into the Bible.

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Whether it's Joey's mesmerizing "How You Doin'," Monica's crazy antics, or the fact Jennifer Aniston saw bras as a light suggestions, fans new and old are obsessed with the NBC sitcom. While it would be tough to ask a group of fans to settle on their favorite friend, it is certain that there are things you just do not say in front of a "Friends" fan.

1.) "How I Met Your Mother" is the same thing as "Friends."

The inaccuracies in this statement are staggering. HIMYM will never touch "Friends," never.

2.) Chandler's jokes make no sense. That dude is not funny

Um, false. You're the not funny one!

3.) Yelling "Pivot" as a point to make fun of the show.

Pivot is a classic joke. If you don't want to use it in a funny manner, don't use it!

4.) That laugh track is too much. Nothing is that funny.

Have you seen the show? It IS that funny.

5.) Monica could never afford that apartment. That is so unrealistic.

Guys, it was rent controlled from her grandmother. Get with it!

These are just a few things, because there are always haters in the world. Check out more "Friends" fun in the gallery below!

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