This year's Shorty Awards is going to be the best one yet

The Shorty Awards Honor Social Media Finalists
The Shorty Awards Honor Social Media Finalists

Our society loves our entertainment -- so much so that we love to honor the most accomplished and impressive artists with awards for their work. We have the Oscars for movies, the Emmys for television, the Grammys for music, and the Tonys for Broadway shows. But in our modern technological era, there are platforms that go beyond the television and the stage -- past the television and the stage and right into your mobile device, actually.

That's right, we're talking about the Internet! And that's what the Shorty Awards are for.

Whether you watch inspirational fitness videos on Facebook, makeup tutorials on YouTube, hilarious short-form comedy videos on Vine, or you simply drool over food porn on Instagram, you're probably a participant in what helps make social media artists go so viral. And this coming Monday, April 11th, the 8th annual Shorty Awards will take that into consideration when some of the most influential social media stars get to take home the sought-after glass statuette that's probably the only thing more exciting than the 'verified' check on their accounts.

Check out some highlights from the 2015 Shorty Awards:

This year, you can expect to see who was voted the best Vine comedian, which were the best animated GIFs and, of course, the best animal social media star. Will Doug the Pug beat out BigCatDerek? You'll just have to wait until Monday to find out!

And you can find out in real time, at the same moment your favorite Internet celebrity hears his or her name called! You can either purchase tickets and make it out to New York City by Monday evening by 7:30 p.m. EST, or you can simply subscribe to the Shorty Awards' YouTube channel, where the entire show will be streaming live. Additionally, feel free to follow on Kanvas, where we will be sharing some of the best highlights from what's certainly to be the most epic Shorty Awards yet!

We hope to see you there!

Check out what actress, comedian and writer Felicia Day had to say about the Shorty Awards:

Felicia Day On Shortys
Felicia Day On Shortys

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